Organic Search Engine Optimisation

The ‘Art’ of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to make your website irresistible to Search Engines.
Great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Engages Humans & Machines.
Remember those Spy vs. Spy comic strips in the Mad Magazine? SEO works in exactly the same way. There are clandestine black-hat tactics to fool the machines – and irritate the humans – and then there are good-guy white-hat best practise strategies to reach humans and machines in the right way. Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use search algorithms to refine search results and determine relevance. That’s the secret. Relevance.

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Why Trust Us With Your Organic SEO?

To show up on the first page on Google, Yahoo, and Bing requires a commitment to publishing quality content. Ensuring every image, character, meta description, and keyword is in its proper place takes skill. Linking to reputable websites already enjoying a high volume of traffic used to be enough, but times they are a changing and online everything happens at double-speed. With every new algorithm update, major search engines are refining their indexing processes, so keeping up date with changes in technology is essential.

Why is SEO Important?

Natural or Organic Search Engine Optimisation means NOT having to dish out a fortune on paid advertising like Google Ad words and Pay-per-click.

SEO is an essential element of a solid Web Marketing strategy as it targets the actual keywords and phrases people type into the search bar to find your website.

Think about how you find information on a search engine. Do you click on the top ads, or do you scroll down to the real links?

What’s the Process?

Sure, doing it yourself is possible, but the learning curve is steep and the rules are constantly changing.

To learn more about how proper SEO can save you money and increase REAL traffic to your website contact us and let’s brainstorm a custom Search Engine Optimisation strategy to increase your web traffic the right way.

Go Organic!

Organic SEO will not make you a superstar overnight, but it will make your website visible to Search Engines for years to come.

The more relevant and consistent the information on your website, the higher up your page will appear. A few years ago clandestine black-hat operators could get away with fooling Search Engine spiders/ crawlers, but those days are over. Stuffing your webpage with SEO keywords is no longer acceptable and Google is cracking down on these tactics by penalising websites. If your mission is to truly build a sustainable garden where cyber butterflies will love to spend time takes time, but the long terms benefits are fantastic.

Taste Our Google Booster Juice…

The main reason for Search Engine Optimisation is to ensure that your content stays evergreen. But it doesn’t end there. Gone are the days of building a website and forgetting about it. Google demands fresh content consistently. The higher your relevance and perceived authority in your niche, the higher your ranking. Let our team of award-winning writers loose on your website and let’s get your name on the quivering lips of your fans and followers.

Our Core SEO Team

Every member of our team is hand-picked for their ability and creativity. What’s more, we don’t take sick leave on deadline days. If we don’t perform, we don’t eat. It’s really that simple.
Darren Arbuckle

Darren Arbuckle

Search Marketing Strategist, Google AdWords Samurai

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Jennifer du Plessis

Copywriter, Social Media Manager, Brand Warrior

Daniel Bothma

Daniel Bothma

Dad, Writer, Creative Director Conspiracy Connoisseur

Notes From Satisfied Customers

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Radha Vyas – UK

“We needed help with inbound marketing and your team’s approach and refreshing content was exactly what we were looking for. You guys got us featured in Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, BBC, The Daily Show, and CNN and helped us generate 2 million in 48 hours! What’s not to love?!”


Frances Birkenbach- SA

“I got these gents on board to help with my digital marketing and am very impressed with the level of service received. My website is just darling, and I’m excited to see what they manage to pull off with regards to digital marketing in the next few months.”


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