Digital Billboard Advertising… What is it?

If you’ve been on the roads lately you will see a new trend taking the streets and highways of South Africa. Digital Billboards are being placed in strategic areas to advertise the services and products of companies and Mantis Marketing is proud to be part of this innovative form of outdoor marketing.

“With our network growing every month we provide Digital Billboard Advertising Solutions for our clientele and at amazing prices too!”

The Advantages Of Digital Billboard Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a popular form of marketing and for good reason. When it comes to letting your customers know about your existence outdoor advertising is definitely a good way to go.

With the introduction of Digital billboards, we now have a blend of outdoor marketing as well as Digital Marketing. This has merged into the service known as Digital Billboard Advertising and here are just a few of the advantages:

Variety Of Content

Different mediums of content can be used with digital billboard advertising. Companies can use 1 image or 1 video. They could use 3 images and 1 video. This truly gives companies control of what content they would like to showcase.


Accurate Cost Management

When it comes to Digital Billboard advertising we charge businesses per impression. This gives marketers and business owners an insight into the actual cost of the impression which can be used for their advertising KPIs.

No Printing Production and Installation

Since the billboards are digital there are no printing costs involved. This saves companies quite a bit and allows them the opportunity to focus their advertising budget on other marketing avenues. 

The Mantis Display Network

View the map below and find the locations that suit your business needs and demographics. For more info click on the location that interests you to find out what digital billboard advertising solutions we have to offer you.

The Grand On Rivonia Road

Rivonia Blvd & 11th Avenue, Rivonia, Johannesburg, 2128

Board Specs:
Length: 3 meters

Width: 4 meters
Area 12 meters squared
Screen pitch 8
View Location

Isando facing R21 Highway

Isando 31 Sysie Ave Isando Facing the R21 Highway

Board Specs:
Length: 5.1 meters

Width: 2.1 meters
Area 10 meters squared
Screen pitch 8


Motuang And Sontonga Street Kathlehong

Motuang And Sontonga Street


Board Specs:
Length: 4 meters

Width:2 meters
Area 8 meters squared
Screen pitch 6


Carnival Mall Board

CNR Heidelberg & Airport Road,

Dalpark Ext 13,

Board Specs:
Length: 3.8 meters

Width: 5 meters
Area 19 meters squared
Screen pitch 8

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